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  1. Sjaakie     July 2, 2013 3:21

    well it can lie dormant for a long time. soietmmes it could show up a couple of days after being with someone who has herpes. i believe the blood test only detects the oral herpes. which u would know u have if u have had cold sores before (they really are oral herpes). try going to or

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    Herpes is so widespread and the consequences are so minimal that the CDC doesn’t even have it on their recommended STD screen even though it’s an easy blood test to detect it. If she’s healthy, she should take Valtrex once a day for as long as possible to drive down the viral load as much as possible especially now that a generic version is available. They say that Herpes is forever because it can remain dormant within a cell for years but as long as you take Valtrex once a day, any that does come out of a cell will get killed, it’s just that you’ll never know if you’ve got them all.She shouldn’t have too many problems finding someone to be with, it’s only the ignorant that fear the disease.If you calculate the probabilities, if you’ve had unprotected sex with five different partners at random, there’s a 76% chance that you have herpes. There’s an awful lot of people who have herpes and don’t even know it. Your friend should be congratulated on being bright enough to be tested because now she’s in a position to do something about it.

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