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Micro Surgical Endodontics: the state of the art

Arnaldo Castellucci

3D Disinfection

Clifford Ruddle

An evidence based look at long-term endodontic outcomes

Ove Peters

Disinfection in endodontics: challenges and solutions

Bettina Basrani

Functional Characteristics of File Geometry

Steve Buchanan

Contemporary approaches to non round canals in Endodontics

Michael Solomonov

Invasive Cervical Resorption

Carlos Aznar Portoles

EClinical Applications of BioCeramics in Endodontics

Allen Ali Nasseh

The guided tissue regeneration in endodontics surgical procedure in cases of large periapical lesion

Maurício Camargo

Image quality in cone beam computed tomography - What you get is what you deserve

Marc Semper

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Restorations Of discoloured root canal treated anteriors

Maciej Zarow

The path to rotary instruments

Vivek Hedge

Assessment and management of cracks. Seeing is believing

Patrick Caldwell

Reverse Treatment Planning in Endodontics

Patricia Escobar

Simplified mechanical preparation of endodontic space - a personal concept and technique

Sergiu Nicola

Instrumentation of Severe Curved Root Canals. Rational approach

Eugen Buga

Surgical Endodontic Cases

Maria Laura Gimenez del Arco

A private practitioners view on a modern microscopic approach to NSRCT

Viraj Vora

Biologically centered root canal preparation concepts

Freddy Belliard

Diagnosis and treatment of resorption lesions, a modern approach

Guillaume Jouanny

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Microscopy and computed tomography: symphony of perfection in endodontics

Moataz Alkhawas

Regeneration potential of the pulp and periapical tissue: a way of treatment?

Carlos Alvarado

Improving clinical performance when using NiTi instruments: a science-based approach

Hani Ounsi

The lateral canal issue

Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos

Access in Endodontics

Ivan Vyuchov

Multidisciplinary approach to Dental Trauma

Fernando Duran

Clinical Benefits of Microscope and Ergonomics in Daily Endodontic Practice

Zaher Al-Taqi

Finding and working the MB2

Sérgio Quaresma

Lecture Title

Fabio Gorni

Learning from failures

Misao Hattori

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Do we really need operating microscope for endodontic treatments?

Gergely Benyőcs

Why does my endodontically treated teeth still hurt?

Marino Sutedjo

Video-documentation on the microscope

Stefan Klinge

Guidelines for endodontically treated posterior teeth: from access cavity to function

Anaïs Ramirez

Shape memory alloys in endodontics - part 1

Diogo Guerreiro

Benefits from Adaptive Technology for shaping canals

Walter Vargas Obando

Shape memory alloys in endodontics - part 2

Mário Rito

Coronal leakage: beginning of the end or end of the beginning?

José Sacramento

Maxillary Sinusitis of Dental Origin

Oleg Kulygin

Closing lecture: 5 Rules to become an Endo Master

Rui Pereira da Costa

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Rubber dam isolation is one of the most important procedures during root canal therapy, but also one of the most overlooked and ignored. Many studies shows that many dentists don’t use rubber dam because they feel it is both difficult and time consuming. And on top of that, patients tend to dislike it…

This "Master Rubber Dam” online course will prove it otherwise. With the right techniques, and following a step-by-step procedure, rubber dam placement is easy, fast and actually preferred by the patients against non-isolated procedures.

I’ve done a previous rubber dam online course, in Portuguese, which I offer in my website, but this is going to be something never offered before. Let’s call it the Master the Rubber Dam Online Course, a new and updated English version of this previous course, packed with step by step videos and tips on how to deal with the most challenging rubber dam isolations you’ll find in your practice.

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